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In this space you will You will learn how to connect with spirit via the Tarot/Oracle cards and other divination tools such as Charms and go beyond the limitation of only reading Tarot.

This is also a place where Tarot meets online technologies. Perhaps you know how to do Tarot, but you might be wondering about technological aspects of having your own Tarot readings online, and even if you don’t know Tarot, here you can learn about it from Basic to Advanced level to get you started. These courses are designed in a very unique way to help you close the gap between Tarot and online technologies and to help you achieve anything that you thought was not possible to do an online tarot reading either for yourself or others.

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Learn about Divination Techniques and Tools Combined with Modern Technology

Sacred Phoenix Courses

Read Tarot/Oracle, Casting Charm, Add motion to your pictures, Akashic Records & More

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