How to add Animation to your Pictures

Categories: Design, Motion Pictures
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Have you seen pictures or images in social media that are animated and you wish you knew how to do it for yourself and your social media posts? Then this course will help you to learn how to do just that in a most easiest, sufficient way without hurting your wallet or hiring digital marketing specialists. Knowing how to add animation to your images will help you drive more users to your social media posts and/or website. There is no limit to what you can do with this method. Animation, beside video is one of the most powerful ways to attract users for your social media needs. web it will give you SUPER POWERS to stand out in the crowd. Why? Because with this method you can drive more views and traffic to your website and social media posts. I’v been using it personally researching and looking for a perfect method and finally found one that’s really easy to do and there is no need of being tech savvy to do it! I will not bore you 🙂 I take my courses very seriously, but at the same time I try to make it fun since I know how difficult learning from an instructor with a monotone voice or boring attitude is. This course is fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me. My Approach It’s pretty straight forward, all of these courses are based on my own experiences and research. I’v been working in Digital Media for over 20+ years, and now you can use all that I know to succeed as well.
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to add Motion to your Pictures and Images without prior knowledge of knowing Animation

Course Content

Add Animation

  • What Technology to use
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Bonus Apps
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